Connecting with Customers

At the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference #DBAmiami, Evan Carroll spoke about connecting with customers. Evan mentioned great factors on how to connect with customers. Evan provided two examples of great customer connections, one is Disney which we all know has the ultimate customer satisfaction, although very hard on your pocket. The other examples was Tory Burch great customer service. A good business should always keep their customers in mind and be ahead of the ball. One of these examples was something very simple and easy to attain by any business, its called “customer service”. He mentioned a specific case where a husband completely forgets his wife’s birthday, makes a quick stop at Tory Burch and find an amazing sales person that is willing to accommodate all his request, yet give him a little extra. Which will continue to keeping touch with the client and reminding him of great sales and discounts. I personally believe it is important to keep it personal, not transactional.

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