Critical Steps to Content Strategy (Social Media Marketing)

The marketing industry is very complex. One major factor that all marketing managers and directors must encounter is social media marketing. Some may say it’s easy since this society is very familiar with “social media”, however, social media marketing has to be followed by three main steps. Step one consist of alignment with executives and decision makers across your entire organization, following some major goals, including ROI Metrics. Next step is to perform an audit on all existing social media resources, assets, human resources, and technology. An excellent marketing manager should follow a strict audit rulebook, starting with analyzing each profile and ending with calculating return of investments and revise objectives. We now know that step three is to always establish a budget with media, and many junior marketing managers are afraid of establishing a budget since they are not too familiar with the organization. Finally, create and follow¬† your plan, and it must tie up to your overall revenue goal and marketing channels.

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