As I attended the Digital Branding Analytics Miami Conference (#DBAMiami) this past weekend I realized how Marketing impacts your career daily. All the speakers had very fun, important and very informative information.  Starting with, Michael Kapitt, President of Carrabba’s Italian Grill, he mentioned something that really stuck to me, he said marketing is math + magic. However, not limited to consumer insights, marketing analytics, MarComm, Media, Field Marketing, Production and Creative Services and Product Marketing. Hector Hernandez showed us an in depth of Marketing Analytics, he illustrated how to achieve an  ROI and be more efficient at his job and minimize wasted web marketing dollars. We also heard from many talented speakers, amongst them was Kathy Mayor and Britney Muller. Two successful young women working for big companies. Kathy, is the Chief Marketing Officer for BoxyCharm. She provided great tips on how to stand out from competitors, such as having the best quality products, as well as introducing your product through social media. Britney, shares six top SEO tips, and one of them was “If you are not breaking stuff…you are not trying hard enough” a tip that couldn’t be more realistic. I learned many valuable information from these guest speakers, information that I will definitely take on my marketing career. 

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