Mike Kappitt Conference Presentation

After attending the  Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference #DBAmiami there was a lot of productive information I will certainty carry onto my marketing career. One of the presentations, that I enjoyed was Mike Kappitt’s the CMO of Carrabbas Restaurant. He mentioned that marketing is about math and magic, and honestly that couldn’t be more truthful. He mentioned a few of his marketing campaign ideas he did throughout his career, one specifically was while working at outback. He thought about giving out a million stakes for free, but the funniest, yet most rewarding one was the time his outback billboard set on fire, however, the name “Outback” was mentioned all throughout the news, such as CNN…and what better marketing that that. Something so simple yet very rewarding for his company. Mike, also mentioned the importance of funnel analysis. You have to know your customers, be aware, have consideration, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. In marketing it’s all about being curious and expanding your imagination.

Link: https://www.carrabbas.com/

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