Perception in the Marketing World

As future marketing leaders, we must identify the process of determining the properties of stimuli, using one or more of our five sense; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Each sense has a way of grasping buyers attention, however, let’s assume I am the head Marketing Director for Bed Bath and Body Works and I was told to try out the new spring collection of candles. First, I would determine which size or color is favorited by customers, like mentioned in this weeks’ module the lettering is in a product or an Ad can attract attention and support brand recognition and image, also, different smells produced physiological and emotional responses. Secondly, I will ask my sales associates to test out which scent is best liked by consumers, and if It becomes a profit for the company. As marketers we should always determine if consumers can detect the difference between the senses and is the difference meaningful and like Weber Law says “ the stronger the initial stimulus the greater the additional intensity”.

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